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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 21, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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kpix 5 this morning. >> it's national hug day. take care. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 21st, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new arctic blast targets millions, affecting travel nationwide. the one-two punch of know and cold is already causing a partial federal government shutdown. the hunt for black widows. bob orr with the new terror threat of the sochi olympics female attackers. plus first on "cbs this morning," bill gates in studio 57 today. his plan to end poverty in two decades. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. very slippery. >> as long as you keep moving you stay warm. >> we'll bring cocoa.
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>> millions brace for another arctic blast. >> from the midwest brings single digit temperatures. >> the northeast braces for up to a foot of snow. >> there is a widening terror threat ahead of the olympic games. the search is on for female suicide bombers, so-called black widows. two navy ships will head to the black seas in case americans need to be evacuated. police are looking for a gunman after a student was shot on the campus right outside of philadelphia. explosion and partial building collapse at an omaha industrial plant. >> the inside of the structure would be considered tremendous. embattled new jersey governor chris christie will be sworn in for a second term today. >> the mayor of hoboken accused him of withholding sandy funds. >> i take it you're not going to the inauguration. >> i don't think i'm invited. clash with police again in
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kiev. hello, world. twitter message from an unmanned comet chasing spacecraft that just awoke from hibernation. what a save! holy toledo! surfers getting some serious competition. a pod of dolphins decided to join the surfers. crabtree, don't you open your mouth. >> that richard sherman, it's like a wrestling character, like randy "macho man" savidge. >> pot and football do not mix. it's like oil and water or >> pot and football do not mix. it's like oil and water or baseball and excitement. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off and clarissa ward is here. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. another storm threatens to leave major east coast cities snow bound. computers are having trouble in cities like chicago but coastal areas from washington to boston expect the worst of the bad weather. federal government offices in washington are closed today because of the storm threat. the d.c. area could see its heaviest snowfall in three years. airlines have already canceled well over 2,000 flights around the country. chief meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station is tracking the severe weather. eric, good morning. >> tracking a high-impact storm here in the east coast. blizzard warnings, parts of southeastern massachusetts. this really gets ramped up, heading through the day. snow already working its way toward d.c. and new york. into the afternoon, new york, boston, down through philly and
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d.c. heavy snowfall at times, certainly a lot of air travel delays. right up and down the i-95 corridors, 10:00 pm even down through north carolina, strong gusty winds along with it. most of the action transitions into southern new england and long island. by tomorrow afternoon it all heads out to sea. pretty significant totals here, wide swath of six to 12 inches. a couple of bullseyes a total of 12 to 14 inches of snow. the overall pattern is stuck. lots of cold in the east. to our viewers on the west coast, still looking at warm and dry weather here will persist through the end of the month. multiple bouts of cold working south and east. this, too, lasts at least until february. >> eric fisher, thanks. newest security threat to the sochi winter olympics is a female terror suspect. russian authorities are looking for her right now. they believe she penetrated the security ring around sochi and as bob orr reports she may not
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be the only woman targeting the event. bob, good morning. >> good morning, charlie and clarissa. russian intelligence are warning female suicide bombers may already have been dispatched to attack the winter olympic games. a deadly ability to strike. law enforcement sources tell cbs news counterterrorism officials are searching for this woman, ruzana ibragimova, a black widow, whose husband, an islamic militant, was killed by russian law enforcement. authorities have been canvassing the area, trying to locate her. intelligence officials worry she may not be the only one. several widows are known to have ties to the terror group which, on sunday, repeated its threat to attack the games. as part of the national security team for george w. bush, juan zarate worked on multiple plans with foreign leader. >> certain females don't attract as much security attention as
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male suicide bombers or fighter. now with the ramped up security around sochi, females will get just as much scrutiny as males. >> russian president putin has guaranteed the games will be safe, other officials are growing niecingly wary. there are plans to provide u.s. assistance if an evacuation proves to be necessary. aircraft will likely be on alert at european bases with two navy ships patroling the nearby black sea. former chair of the joint chiefs of staff, richard myers. >> what the military does almost continuously is plan for all sorts of contingencies. >> reporter: the fbi will have close to 40 agents stationed throughout russia to assist with american security. the relationship between russia and the u.s. has been strained since the boston marathon bombings in april 2013. russian authorities initially when would information from the fbi that one of the accused
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bombers, tamerlan tsarnaev may have had contacts with militants. >> charlie and clarissa, the venue is so spread out. it's a big area to secure. >> what other targets might they be looking at? >> not just the games themselves but transit zones, restaurants. these athletes and visitors will travel great distances. if the militants can hit any of those targets where westerners congress re ga congregate, that would abe big win for them. these soft targets are almost impossible to determine. >> thank you very much. new jersey governor chris christie will be sworn in for his second term. the possible presidential candidate has canceled tonight's inauguration party because of the weather. christie is also under a cloud of scrutiny. a new usa today poll shows
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58% of americans do not believe the governor is telling the whole story in the george washington bridge scandal. elaine quijano is in new york city with what we'll hear from christie later today. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and clarissa and our viewers in the west. christie was joined by his lieutenant governor, latest member of his inner circle to be embroiled in a political controversy. in his inaugural address later today, governor christie will call for unity, saying we have to be willing to play outside the red and blue boxes the media pundits put us in. it comes after hoboken mayor dawn zimmer complained about feeling pressure to support a real estate project in return for receiving sandy aid dollars. >> this letter definitely makes it very clear that i was the one, you know, on april 21st, sent them a letter and very clearly said, you can't connect the two and it's not fair.
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>> reporter: but lieutenant governor kim guadagno made the administration's position very clear. >> after she said to me you have to move ahead with the ro rockefeller project, i said does any other town being asked to do development in exchange for help for the flooding? >> reporter: earlier on monday, during a sandy volunteer event where she declined to take questions, guadagno flatly denied zimmer's accusation. >> any suggestion, any suggestion that sandy funds were tied to the approval of any project in new jersey is completely false. >> reporter: christie aides said the funds requested were for future flood projects and not sandy rebuilding efforts and that the city wanted a third of the money available for the entire state. the accusations come at a key time for christie, as he starts his second term as governor and molds a run for the white house. >> he was going to have essentially one year between winning re-election and the time
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he needed to start running for president and he needed to use that year to run up the legislative scoreboard in new jersey. i think we can safely say that those plans are all on hold. >> reporter: governor christie and lieutenant governor guadagno will be formally sworn in in a ceremony later today. charlie? >> elaine, thanks. political crisis. overnight anti-government demonstrators waged a new battle with police. calls for compromise are going unanswered. mark phillips is in london, amid the growing violence. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. it's been going on a couple of months. while the crowd sizes haven't reached the critical mass that could lead to upheaval, it could be pushing the ukraine standoff to some sort of tipping point. it may have looked like a time
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of fourth of july. demonstrators have used whatever weaponry they can get their hands on. sometimes the battle had the look and some of the weapons of a medieval siege. at one point, a catapult was moved toward the front line and fired it. they've been heaving rocks and firebottom firebombs at police and they've been fighting back with stun grenades and tear gas. it's not a mass protest with tens of thousands. it's down to a hard core of several hundred protesters, very determined protesters. and they've been carrying the battle. police have been firing back with rubber bullets at close range, it seems. what began as a contest between those who want ukraine to establish closer ties with europe and the government with links to moscow and word about russian gas supplies has turned into a tribal battle over basic human rights. the passing of a new government law to restrict the protest
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resulted in some of the street violence spilling over into parliament. the european union has called on ukraine to suspend its legislation. and everyone is worried this could spin even further out of control. >> mark phillips, thank you. >> this morning, syrian peace conference will go on as planned. diplomatic slap over an invitation to iran is now settled. but a new report claims the syrian government tortured or killed more than 10,000 detainees since the civil war began nearly three years ago. holly williams recently went down to the syrian border and joins us now from istanbul, turkey. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, clarissa and cha rly. the images in this new report are believed to show the bodies of tortured inmates in syria's government prisons, taken by a defected reporter. it could derail its peace talks and we should warn you, we're
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about to show you some very disturbing pictures. some of the people in the photographs appear to have been beaten, some starved, others strangled. cbs news cannot independently verify them and the report was funded by the government which supports the syrian opposition. the investigation was carried out by three respective former war crimes prosecutors with the help of other experts. they concluded that there's evidence thousands of people have been systematically tortured and executed in syrian prisons during the country's civil war. >> the picture presented by these images is one of utter and unbelievable horror. a picture of 11,000 people killed in one place, this may well be the tip of the iceberg.
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>> reporter: the report favors prospect of a war crime investigation into the government of bashar al assad. the syrian opposition only agreed to take part in the talks at the last minute and then threatened to boycott the negotiations after the u.n. secretary general invited iran, a key ally of the syrian regime. after the u.s. also protested the invitation to iran was withdrawn, but that's angered russia, another ally of the syrian government. the russian foreign minister said today they're excluding iran from the negotiations is a mistake. even before the peace talks have begun, they are mired in argument. after nearly three years of civil war and a death toll of more than 130,000, there's little sense that either side expects these talks to achieve anything, let alone peace. charlie and clarissa? >> holly, thank you. you covered syria more as well as anybody. tell me what you think about
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this latest story in the photographs they have. >> we're talking about war crimes. this recalls images of death camps. the idea that the international community is not able to put an end to this blood shed and to this sickness is really -- >> the photographs are horrendous. >> horrendous. we couldn't show our viewers many of them because they were so horrendous. >> this morning, syrian's civil war may be tied to leb novenlt a car bombing killed at least four people. the blast shook a neighborhood where many people support hezbollah. new details about white house efforts to free kenneth bae from north korea. a source tells cbs news that they've reached out to north korea, the goal? a pardon for bae. he has been detained for more than a year. the white house also offered to send the u.s. ambassador for
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north korean human rights. so far no response from the kim jong-un regime. bae's sister says she's encouraged by his appearance but it's heartbreaking to see him in a prison uniform. she pleaded for bae's freedom. recovery efforts resumed. two workers were killed when the international nutrition plant collapsed monday. ten others were injured. survivors describe the explosion. >> heard a crack, pop and big ball of fire. and i was in the back and i just took off running as soon as i heard the first crack. that's all i could really do, and get out of the way. >> they make products for livestock and poultry. some had to be cut out of the debris. it may take weeks to learn the cause of the accident. a search is under way this morning for a gunman who shot a student on a university campus near philadelphia. it happened last night in
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chester. the government wounded the student in the parking lot. the victim is in critical but stable condition this morning. police say the shooting does not appear to be random. classes resume today. >> it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines. wall street journal looks at how target missed a chance to improve credit card safety. the retail giant pulled the plug on anti-theft chips. breach of 110 million shoppers. usa today looks at the report on income disparity. they find almost half the world's wealth is owned by just 1% of the planet's population and the poorer half of the world, people have the same amount of money as the richest 85 people on earth. 6,000 church sex abuse documents will be released today. part of an agreement with the archdiocese, attorneys for victims of 30 chicago priests say the documents show a
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conscious effort to protect the church. archdiocese says it was a mistake, not a cover-up. los angeles times looks at air pollution from china, reaching the u.s. this is a story we've been telling you b a report finds dirty emissions from china's export industry make it across the pacific ocean in just six days. in 2006, los angeles and parts of the eastern u.s. had at least one extra day of smog that exceeded federal health standards. about one-fifth of the smog comes from producing goods for the u.s. and other countries. and the denver post says the nfl is considering a proposal to eliminate extra points. commissioner roger goodell says it's almost automatic. under the proposal, a team would get seven points for a touchdown unless it wanted to try for an eighth. if the team went for an eighth and failed it would only get six points for the score.
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rosetta's first message to earth? a tweet saying hello, world, in different languages. european space agency celebrated receiving the message from 500 million miles away. in november, rosetta will try to become the first spacecraft to make a soft landing on a comet to learn some patchy fog moving in along the coastline overnight. especially into pacifica and half-moon bay. just a thin layer and nonetheless it's dense in spots. the ridge of high pressure still overhead and that will be it with some -- bring with it some very mild weather to the bay area again with thetemperatures as much as 15 degrees above a. . an average of 72 in oakland and about 635 in san francisco. and 63 in pacifica. no major changes the next couple of days. some winds kicking up on thursday and friday.
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by mercedes-benz certified preowned vehicles. certified, affordable luxury. ahead, the most controversial character heading to the super bowl. >> i'm the best corner in the game. when you try me with crabtree, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk acme. >> tuned for your local news.
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a man is in custody accusedf trying to break into a medil and good morning everyone, 7:26 on your tuesday, i'm frank mallicoat. update on the headlines around bray. a man is in custody accused of trying to break into a medical marijuana dispensary in san jose. police got the call a quarter after 2:00 this morning. he is found hiding in a small space in an elevator shaft. a system was shot by a -- suspect was shot by an officer in oakland last night. it started around 3:00 this morning. the man was taken to a hospital and we don't have any word now on his condition. we've got some traffic and some weather coming up and that's coming up next. stay with us. ,,,,,,
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good morning everybody,. i'm liza batallones with your
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kcbs traffic. this poke accident in the maze. west 580 at 82 out of three lanes are shout dun and -- shut down and traffic is backed up beyond highway 24. this accident is metering off a lot of the traffic that would normally be at the bay bridge toll plaza. the meters lights are on and b.a.r.t. is on time. no delays reported for any of the local transit systems. that's traffic, here's larry. all right, we've got some patchy dense fog moving in along the coastline. otherwise mostly clear skies up above and a little cold to start out with this morning some of the temperatures dropping down in the 20s and the 30s. but by the afternoon, that huge dome of high pressure remains if place and that will bring with it some very mild and well unusual temperatures for this time of the year. as much as 15 degrees above the average. about 72 in oakland and 69 in san jose and about 63 and cooler with some patchy fog in pacifica. then coming off on thursday -- cooling off on thursday and friday. , ,,,,,,,
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♪ i mentioned seattle seahawks cornerback richard sherman. he gave his crazy quote yesterday. most was aimed at michael crabtree. and one enterprisiing retailere to pick up. >> richard, take me through the final play. >> i'm the best corner in the game. when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree. >> and evelyn -- >> and crabtree -- >> and evelyn.
7:31 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, bill gates is in the toyota green room. he'll show us why solutions to the world's problems are closer than we think. it's an interview you'll see first on "cbs this morning." plus, the real wolf of the wall street, jordan belfort talked about the oscar-nominated film, based on his notorious past. and now leonardo dicaprio is reaching out to to help him. and this morning after nearly two days of helping lea super bowl, cornerback sherman remains the story, after showing, well no lack of confidence on or off the field. don dahler looks at it. don, good morning. >> good morning, gayle, charlie and clarissa. it's not the seahawks win that anyone is talking about. or even sherman's game-saving play. the comments that have every reacting. relatively unknown outside of football, if you didn't know
7:32 am
richard sherman before sunday's game, chances are, you do now. >> reporter: before the nfc championship, football fans knew seattle seahawks cornerback richard sherman for his game-saving stops. >> broken up! picked off! the game is over. >> reporter: and the outsized bravado of the explosive defender. but of the rest of the world may not have been ready for sherman's postgame interview. >> well, i'm the best corner in the game, when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> reporter: a mixture of hubris, trash talk and emotion of the moment. and it set off a firestorm in the blogosphere. "the new york times" sports columnist bill rhodon was covering the game even though he knows sherman's reputation. >> this was beyond just plain trash talk. there is clearly deeply, deeply heated resentment here. >> reporter: seahawks coach pete carroll came to him in an
7:33 am
interview. >> that was richard in an interview, where you almost take a knee for a while and we'll talk to you. it's unfortunate it was so crazy, but that's who he is. >> reporter: the league leader in interpretations, sherman tried to explain himself in a blog titled "to those who would call me a thug or worse." he said, it was loud, it was in the moment, and it was just a small part of the person i am. 25 years old, sherman was raised in compton, california. he became a star football player at stanford, where he earned a degree in communications. sherman's parents tell us their son is simply misunderstood. >> my son off the field is probably one of the best -- better people you want to know. i mean, everything he does is for other people. >> reporter: but brashness has always been a part of him. trash talking players and reporters alike. >> in my 24 years of life, i'm
7:34 am
better at life than you. >> reporter: and it's the same swagger that's landed him sponsorship deals with nike and beats by dre headphones. >> there's not many guys that can make a play on this ball. >> sherman has put a target on his back. and i'm not sure that that's what you want to do when you're playing, you know, peyton manning. >> reporter: in a postgame interview sunday, sherman displayed his media savvy as a team player in a much more subdued assessment of super bowl opponent it's peyton manning and the denver broncos. >> they're an unbelievable record-setting offense with a hall of fame quarterback. i'm sure it's going to be a fanastic game. >> sherman has since apologized for his comments saying he could have worded things better. safe to say, the nthropist bill gates
7:35 am
laids out to the world the myths. welcome. >> good to be here. >> you start this letter, or annual letter by saying by almost any measure the world is better than it has ever been. yet at the same time, oxfam has a report out suggesting 85 people in the world, which i assume you're one, own as much as a half of the world's population. connect those two idea which is might seem to some in conflict. >> well, people living longer lives than ever before. we've got the number of children who die down. we need to do more. and certainly, taking phil la
7:36 am
lantpy. that's a very just thing. we want to lift those people up, we want to get the trials of death rate down from the 3%, that it is now, down to the level it was in the united states in 1980. 1.6%. and it's going to take some of that wealth, and a not of ingenuity to get us there. >> the incoming theme will be for davos where you will be. three myths that we worry about, one that the poor are doomed to be poor. what do you mean? >> well, there's been really mind-blowing progress during my lifetime, back in 1955, there were a few rich countries, but overwhelmingly, countries were poor. today, more countries are middle income. they've moved up, countries like mexico, brazil, china. and so we have remaining poorer countries. in the next 20 years if we're
7:37 am
focused on it, we'll have that down to a very small number. less than ten. and only by knowing the progress we've made, though, will we dedicate ourselves to this effort. you look at the headlines, you might get the impression that we're not making progress. you hear about the setback, the tornadoes, not the wonder results of living these countries up. >> you want to create a mind-set that things are getting better and we have to continue that effort? >> yeah, and look at where it's gone well. being willing to put the resources and effort in to match the country where is it's gone spectacularly well. >> you even say that extreme poverty can be solved by 2025. which is amazing to think about. by exercising ingenuity.
7:38 am
what kind of? >> a disease like malaria will take new medicines and vaccines to get a third of the u.s. farming productivity, up close to that level so they can feed themselves, send themselves to school. they need new and better seeds. a lot of that ingenuity come from the richer countries. governments. we concede this is possible. and the kind of mind-set that poorer countries are stuck, that's going to hold that. that's why that myth is a diaster zblerp you talk about polio, and you say we're getting closer than ever to completely eradicating it. you look at syria where i spent a lost time where there is a resurgence now in polio. how much of the world is an obstacle of what we want to do.
7:39 am
>> the two top countries are pakistan and nigeria. and as you said, there's violence, there's a misunderstanding about the vaccine, thinks that it's an evil plot of the west. we have to get the truth out. we have to work with religious leaders. anybody who's trusted. and change the attitude. because at the end of the day, this is about kids who die or get paralyzed. and with the little bit of great work and a little bit of luck within the next couple of years, we'll get down to zero cases. >> a couple of points. one of the other myths that you want to make sure that people understand is myth, foreign aid is waste and that statement leads to overpopulation. speaking of saving lives what has been the drama mat reduction in the death of children under 5? >> well, back in 1990, it was about 13% of all children died before the age of 5. and now we're down at about 5%.
7:40 am
that's unbelievable progress. that's getting vaccines out to them when they're born. having a good birth rate. and we can go so much further if we build on that progress. spo i think you just see disasters, you seeing in tiff things. the headlines never tell you what i think is the greatest assessment of mankind, is that unbelievable injustices of a mother having a child die. >> i know seattle is your hometown. i wonder if you're aware that the seattle seahawks are in the super bowl. >> absolutely. my friend paul allen and the whole city is wrapped up. >> and i wonder if richard sherman reminds you of yourself with humility. >> sounds like he was pretty excited to win. >> he could take a page from the bill gates book. i'm just saying. thank you so much. leonardo dicaprio earned an
7:41 am
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♪ the wolf of wall street could see a bullet here oscars. leonardo dicaprio starred in the drug-filled big screen of jordan belfort. nancy o'dell caught up with the real jordan belfort. he watched the movie with mixed emotion. >> i wish he played i was jonas salk, and i was a character that did wonderful things. it's kind of a bittersweet a little bit. many of the things it's character did. i say the character, it wasn't all me, it was fictionalized.
7:46 am
but a lot of the acts that are reality that i did do, i'm not proud of. >> reporter: he said he's no longer the man portrayed in the movie. he said he's turned his life around. dicaprio appears in an online video touting belfort's services. >> jordan stands for hard work and in that regard, he is a true motivator. >> i guess i can say i'm proud i was able to turn my life around. and i'm amazed at how somehow this has happened. this movie, i just can't believe it. >> reporter: but it's safe to say, belfort still has its critics. he and his firm lied to investors bilking them of billions of dollars. joel led cohen led the case. >> he had no sense of what the victims suffered.
7:47 am
>> do you ever now, knowing that you conned so many people, and some people lost everything they had. >> that's not true. >> not true that they lost everything. >> how so? >> it's not true. it's a fallacy. we were calling wealthy people. i can't speak for what happened after 1995. i can't speak for that. i left the firm and it operated for another few years. when i was there, we were calling very wealthy people. you weren't losing people's life savings. if people lost money, that's bad enough, but we weren't taking people's life savings. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," nancy o'dell, los angeles. >> you can see more of nancy's interview with jor some patchy fog moving in along the coastline overnight especially into pacifica and half-moon bay. just a thin layer and nonetheless it's dense in spots. that ridge of high pressure still overhead and that will be with it some very mild weather to the bay area again with the temperatures as much as 15
7:48 am
degrees above the average. a high of about 72 in oakland and 69 in san jose and about 65 in san francisco and 63 in pacifica. no major changes the next couple of days, some winds kicking up on thursday and friday. troops are coming home from afghanistan. we go along as one marine brings home a welcome surprise. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ make every day, her day with a full menu of appetizers and entrées crafted with care and designed to delight. fancy feast. love served daily. and so do mouth germs. but now i have the protection
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7:56 am
helping dogs help people. chase suspect was shot by a and good morning everyone, 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. updated on the bay area headlines now. a high speed chase suspect shot by an officer. the chase started on hyde street near interstate 580 around 3:00 this morning. the suspect drove through local streets and ran several traffic signs. the suspect's car finally came to a stop at a dead end on east 15th and 57th street. the man was taken to a hospital. no word right now on his condition. and a man is in custody accused of trying to break into a medical marijuana dispensary in san jose. police got the call about quarter after 2:00 this morning and officers found the suspect in a small space in an elevator shaft. got your traffic and weather too coming up right after the break. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning everybody,
7:58 am
liza batallones here. 101 drivers are going to want the take 280 instead to get to and through the pence ha. we've had an accident near sfo northbound 101 is blocking at least one lane. both directions of 101 are jam- packed. take 280 instead. the san mateo bridge has been fine this morning. we have not had any major delays or traffic accidents for highway 92. but the bay bridge toll plaza still recovering westbound traffic slow from the foot of the mcarthur maze with the metering lights on. lawrence? all right we've seen some patchy fog move in along parts of the coastline right now. to ocean beach and doesn't look too bad there right now. off in the distance though, we've headed towards pacifica. a couple of patches of fog there and a couple of high clouds drifting overhead. otherwise the dome of high pressure bringing mild weather again and some of the temperatures moving up in the 60s and low 70s. near record-setting around the bay area and that will continue not only today but tomorrow. then the winds kick up a little bit cooler on thursday and friday. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it's 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a snowstorm blankets the midwest and races towards the east coast impacting travel across the country. government officers are already closed in washington. only on "cbs this morning," the first person to be awarded a grammy for teaching music. we'll bring you the historic announcement this morning, and we will visit a training center where dogs learn to help people. one of those puppies mean a lot to us, especially charlie rose. but first, we have a look at today's eye-opener at 8:00. lots of winter storm warners.
8:01 am
>> a storm threatens to leave major east coast cities snow bound. >> russian is warning a female suicide bomber has already been dispatched to the upcoming sochi games. >> hotels, restaurants, transit zones. >> governor christie began his day here, joined by his latest member of his inner circle to be embroiled in the controversy. >> some people lost everything they had. >> that's not true. >> not true they lost everything? >> not true. >> how so? >> it's a fallacy. don't you open your mouth about the west. >> i am wondering if richard sherman reminds you of yourself. >> he was pretty excited about the win.
8:02 am
i am charlie rose with gayle king, and norah o'donnell is off. as you enjoy clear skies in the west this morning, and tens of millions along the east coast are expecting a major snowfall. the storm blankets much of the midwest, and chicago and other cities also coping with single-digit temperatures. >> this storm is causing travel headaches all around the country, and so far more than 2000 flights are canceled, and we're tracking the arctic blast. good morning to you. >> it's a significant winter storm here on the eastern coast, and this will be working its way further to the east toward the evening and afternoon. the 95 corridor, heavy snowfall and lots of wind and the air travel is very much disrupted already, and lots of cancelations and many delays. from boston down to north carolina tracking heavy
8:03 am
snowfall, and by tomorrow afternoon, all that moves out to sea. this will be the coldest and snowiest time of year typically, and it's living up to it. locally 8-14 inches. the cold we have to deal with again, windchill advisories up to 26 different states this morning, and as we look forward, the cold is the story all the way to january. on the west coast, the mild and dry air will continue. drought woes on going for california. and then several bouts of the cold moving down, and this will last until february, and a lot of cold moving into the next month. >> eric fisher, thank you. russian authorities say female suicide bombers could strike during the games. they are searching for one woman suspected inbound in the sochi area planning the attack, and
8:04 am
bob orr is watching. bob, why are american authorities so worried about the so-called black widows. >> russian intelligence have some information that one of the so-called black widows may have penetrated the ring of steel and gotten inside the zone. they are not sharing all their information, but they are taking it seriously and putting posters up around sochi, and visiting hotels and restaurants, canvassing and asking people have you seen this woman. she is very dangerous, because her husband was an islamic militant killed about a year ago and she vowed revenge and she carried out the group that carried out recent attacks. >> sources you talked to increasing the alarm about the security. >> a couple weeks ago when we started to ask questions, it's, well, you always have to be prepared and you have generic threats in the pipeline, and as
8:05 am
i talk to them now i think there is a real fear, which this group that demonstrated deadly ability that put out a new terrorists threat as recently as sunday and has the ability to strike, somewhere close if not at the games themselves, and even a small attack would be a major win for the group. >> are females harder to catch, bob? how do you protect against somebody willing to die for this cause? >> first of all, a dedicated terrorists you cannot protect against that, and females are hard to detect, and they use the unfamili unfamiliararity, if you will, use that. we have seen them use airplanes and hotels and transit stations, and this time they will not catch us by surprise, they are looking for female bombers. better news for olympics, the jamaican bobsled team will
8:06 am
make the games in years. they needed $80,000 to go to russia, and the officials agreed to pay that cost. >> you remember the movie "cool runings runings," from 1988. >> it's a very emotional movie. at some part of the scenery in the movie, and up until today i still watch the movie and have the same thoughts as the first day i watched it. >> the hillside collected more than $100,000 for the team and that money will pay for new equipment and uniforms. and then the white house revealed details about an upcoming meeting between president obama and pope francis. bill is at the white house with what to expect. >> reporter: this comes at a good time for the president.
8:07 am
it's a chance for him to align himself with the agenda of the popular new pope at a time when the president's own popularity here at home is at a low point. the trip overall is part of regular meetings that the president has with world leaders, and talks on nuclear security, and leaders of europe, and nato. it's a chance to pair the president's own agenda on income and equality with that of the pope who has been very outspoken on the subject. the president quoted the pope on the subject as recently as last month, and this is something that the white house is very much planning and looking forward to. >> thank you. this morning britain's prince harry opened up about his trek to the south pole. he joined the injured veterans for the walk in antarctica, and
8:08 am
they raised money for charity. harry claimed victory jokingly. >> the conditions were a lot tougher than we could have ever expected, not necessarily while we were there, but the wind and the storms before we got there were pretty horrendous, however, and video doesn't lie, and team uk did win. we did. and that allows -- those are the facts. we had a chat and decided to give the trophy back and share it amongst everybody else, and so to the australian contingent, if you are watching, sorry. >> he has a great sense of humor. former first lady, barbara bush, comes from a republican family which she says a famous democrat is one of our favorite people. >> my husband, bill clinton and i have become great friends, and
8:09 am
bill visits us every summer and we don't agree politically, but we don't talk politics. i think that he thinks of george a little bit like the father he didn't have, and he is very loving to him. and i really appreciate that. i love bill clinton. maybe not his politics, but i love bill clinton. >> always outspoken. in that c-span interview, mrs. bush says she does not approve of political dynasty. >> it's nice to see her so tender with bill clinton, though. >> so sweet.,,,,
8:10 am
a major online retailer wants to ship your delivery before you place an order. the technology predicting customer wishes ahead. and then the launch of another kind of super fast delivery. do you remember what that was?
8:11 am
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8:15 am
♪ it has been called the new metal angel, the first super shawnic transport plane. >> all that mattered 38 years ago today, british airways and air france took to the sky with supersonic jets that day about that and controversy over noise and pollution delayed the concord from coming to the u.s. for months. high cost and a deadly crash in 2000 broad the 37 year run of the concord to an end in 2003, and some of the remaining planes now appear in museums. >> i never got to fly in one. >> i did, and it was fabulous. >> yeah, i know. i got to do it a couple times.
8:16 am
don't you think with all the technology, they ought to be a way to bring that back. >> champagne flowed in the aisles. i just liked the speed. combat troops are set to leave afghanistan by the end of the year, and thousands of service members are coming home sooner, though. and we were there for one. his job was disarming and destroying roadside bombs. he was not supposed to be home until april, but street had different ideas and met his wife and daughter at their home on monday. >> hey, babe! oh, my god. i am glad i cleaned house yesterday. >> after their reunion, he sat
8:17 am
down with the family. >> what is the first thing you want to do? >> as soon as i said that, i was like, oh, man, i just stepped in it. >> what do you think the answer is? charlie, you go first. >> you could see it in her eyes. >> that's amazing. we liked it. she opens the door. >> street says he is looking to do the little things people take for granted. >> they never get old, and i could watch 100 in a row and they make me wear every time. shapeware can make you look terrific but can hurt you in the long run. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:18 am
>> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota, let's go places. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places.
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yep...doh. [ boy ] slurpably fun and a good source of calcium. dads who get it, get go-gurt.
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8:21 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,] slurpably fun and a good source of calcium. ♪ so your great grandmother might have used a corset to keep her figure under control. your grandmother probably turned to a girdle. i hate that word. but modern day shapewear like
8:22 am
spanx is worn by millions of woman. dr. holly phillips joins us to show why that squeezing could bring health consequences. i don't care. >> please don't shoot the messenger, right? >> right. >> we'll let you know what we're seeing in medical practice. >> what are you talking about, dangerous health consequences. >> just like the girdle and corsets we saw a lot of rib impression and lung problems back in the day. shapewear is the new girdle. so now we're actually starting to see side effects from that. in my practice, i've seen a bunch of nerve compressions, that's tingling and numbness going down the outer thigh or in the groin. there's been reports of a great deal of abdominal pain, abdominal distension and digestion problems. even skin problems when sweat gets caught underneath the garments. there could be a number of issues. >> should we be wearing them for shorter periods of time or not wearing them at all.
8:23 am
you can't take away people's spanx? >> absolutely. >> it's really just to smooth things out. i wouldn't try -- definitely, there are women who would rather give up food, clothing, shelter, anything else. and it's not just women, actually men also wear the shapewear. >> charlie -- >> no, i don't. >> but with men, what happens? >> with men, if they wear shorts that are compressing we worry about the sperm counts. >> have i counted my -- >> it was okay? >> okay? >> i knew this segment would go that way. >> sara blakely, the last time she was here, when you call them spanx, i was reading that it
8:24 am
doesn't necessarily make you look thinner. i disagree with that. >> it's not necessarily to make you look thinner but rather kind of smooth out the lumps and bumps. but they can be one the most popular pieces the thigh shapers which are the shorts that holds you in. one of the potential side effects are very serious, it that it can increase the risk of blood clots. unlike the compression socks that start at the bottom and come up, these shorts push the blood down. coming up ahead on only "cbs this morning," a groundbreaking honor. >> i'm terrell brown rocking out with the first ever recipient of the grammys' music educator award. we'll introduce you to who this mystery person is coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
ir apartment good morning everyone, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. about a dozen people are displaced after a fire at their apartment building in west san jose overnight. the fire on cadillac drive started just before 2:00 this morning. it was out about 45 minutes later. there were no injuries. san francisco police arrested a man in connection with a shooting. the suspect was taken into custody on a highway 280 at cesar chavez street last night. and the sfmta will meet later today to adopt a pilot program for tech shuttle buses. the agreement will let the buses use muni stops for a fee.
8:26 am
it could generate revenue for the transit agency. stay with us, traffic and weather coming right up. i mi. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
8:27 am
of unexpected ways to help keep their homes healthy. using lysol in hundreds max's mom uses it on the couch, which could be home to thousands of bacteria. lysol disinfectant spray freshens, without staining. but unlike febreze, it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. going beyond freshening to help protect your family. that's healthing. lysol disinfectant spray. start healthing. good morning everybody, liza batallones here with your kcbs traffic. it's been a mess of a commute for 101 leaving san francisco bound for the peninsula. an accident south 101 just beyond willow and menlo park blocking multiple lanes and traffic was already slow anyway south 101 jammed up leaving san francisco. approaching and passing sfo where we have an accident still
8:28 am
in the clearing stages. so take 280 instead. you're going to see some pocket of slow traffic but it's certainly better than the 101 commute this morning. the bay bridge drive leaving oakland heading into the city is finally beginning to thin out. only slow from about the end of the east parking lot. b.a.r.t. is on time. no problems reported for caltrain or the a.c.e. train. here's lawrence. all right a lot of sunshine outside right now. a few more high clouds likely to drift overhead. and a couple of patches of fog toward the coastline. otherwise, overlooking russian hill, the golden gate bridge. we've got a lot of sunshine coming our way today. and again another round of some very mild weather outside. that dome of high pressure sending all the storms and keep lining up in the pacific but can't punch through. going to keep things dry and mild for now and probably for the foreseeable future. low to mid-60s coast lead and next couple of days just some patchy fog in the night and morning hours and then lots of sunshine breezy conditions on thursday and friday. staying dry right through the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, only on "cbs this morning," we'll announce the grammy winner in a new category. terrell brown is in our toyota green room. he'll introduce us to the teacher bringing music to life for kids for a quarter of a century. plus, dogs on a mission to help. we'll see how they're train and why one puppy holds a special place in our hearts. that's ahead. right now, time to show you the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the boston globe" looks at wedding insurance, covering everything from bad weather, sickness and even a change of heart. but in that case, one insurer will only help if the wedding is called off nine months ahead of
8:31 am
time. the san francisco chronicle looks at the biggest baby ever born in california. take a look at him. andrew jacob cervantes came into the world. wow. at 15 pounds 2 ounces. that's more than twice the average birth weight. he was born thursday by c-section. listen to this, his mom is just over 5 feet tall. >> ouch. britain's "guardian" looks at england's first hub at a gas station. it opened at one of england's main roads 25 miles from london. critics warn that it will encourage drinking and driving, well, duh -- >> that's right. and "the wall street journal" says using certain phrases can imply the opposite of what those mean, some examples "i'm just saying" or "i hate to be the one to tell you this." those signal bad news or dishonesty by the person talking. amazon hopes to push the
8:32 am
envelope again. in december, the online giant got a patent for what it calls anticipatory shipping. that means an item could be sent out before you even buy it on the amazon site. as we learned from "60 minutes," speed is a top priority for the company. >> reporter: jeff bezos is the founder and ceo of amazon with an estimated worth of at least $25 billion. he sold his first book on amazon in another era, back in 1995. >> part of what amazon customers expect -- >> yes. >> -- we want it now. >> yes. >> what's happening at the fulfillment centers that have made that possible? >> the secret is we're on our seventh generation of fulfillment centers and we've gotten better every time. >> tim stevenson is an editor-at-large. good morning. how does this work, this anticipatory process? >> the idea is basically amazon is watching what you buy, what you add to your wish list and it's based on that.
8:33 am
it can even look at how long you've left your mouse cursor or hovering over something, deciding to buy something. and the idea is it can look at those trends and also at other trends of people had that have bought things and what you might buy in the future. >> is this a big evolution in the industry? >> it's basically an evolution of what we might predict. your smartphone might be making recommendations when you should leave to get to an appointment on time. it might give you warnings of traffic in way to go. and we're seeing on netflix, what they're recommending, which you might like, based on a sophisticated algorithm they designed over the years. >> they took out a patent. why do they want to do that? patents are very important in the industry. they like to protect themselves and make money in the long term. amazon has a patent on the one-click buy. they have a capacity to that since 1999.
8:34 am
that's basically been a moneymaker for them. >> and the most important thing here, the basic idea of these companies like amazon and others is when the fast delivery game? >> absolutely. you know, there's a lot of value, instant gratification to being able to walk into a store. >> do you think they'll downsize this? >> there's a potential cost if they ship something do you and you don't want to buy it, you ship it back to the warehouses. they can get these packages moved closer to where you are and issue them in bulk and it could be cheaper to you. >> well, if i start buying too much stuff. >> according to the patent, you still do have to claim buy. amazon says if they ship something close to you and you don't want to buy it, they might ship it to you anyway, because it would be cheaper to ship it to you then give something back. >> when does this happen? >> it's a patent they do could it at anytime.
8:35 am
there's no indication that they are doing it. they could do it right now. it might be sort of rolling this out in phases. at this point, there's no indication if and when they might make it happen. >> it's sort of the next step in same-day delivery, isn't it? >> they're doing same-dy delivery across the u.s. now. you can't put centers in at thes sunday here on cbs. and "cbs this morning," we're announcing the winner in a new category, justin timberlake told fans all about it at last year's ceremony. >> teachers really are the unsung heroes of our creative community. so to recognize the vital contributions music teachers make, the grammy foundation is teaming up with the recording academy to present a brand-new honor. the music educator award beginning next year, during grammy week. we'll be recognizing outstanding
8:36 am
music teachers from kindergarten all the way to college. [ applause ] >> and terrell brown is here now to reveal the name. >> of the thousands of deserving music teachers dominated for the new award. one winner emerged. the 2014 inaugural music educator award goes to kent nappenberger of upstating new york. we took a trip and spent some time getting to know kent and some of his students. >> reporter: if you spend just a day watching kent nappenberger teach miex, it's easy to see why the recording academy and grammy foundation thinks he's so exceptional. >> this art form, you know, there's like this synergy of living that takes place. excellent. >> reporter: he's been teaching for 25 years at westfield academy, in westfield, new york. >> excellent, you look so healthy. >> reporter: he teaches sixth
8:37 am
through 12th great. the students call him mr. k. >> i think it's my job to try to coach children in a way that i can try to find something musical in them. sometimes, in a kid, you think should they have some musical gifting, and you start looking, wow, it's there and amazing things happen. >> reporter: mr. k.'s current and former students agree. he's no ordinary teacher. >> think back to the first time that you sat in mr. k.'s class. >> when i went to mr. k., i just got used to singing. >> mr. k. is always making you love music. even if you did previously, it just grows. >> you get to know him. and he goes like from this crazy abstract guy to someone who just like nourishes everything you care about in yourself. i realized that i actually did have this gift kind of that i could use to help people. and that's made all the difference in my life.
8:38 am
>> if i were you, i'd play it like this. >> reporter: luis moved here from puerto rico this summer. it was his life long dream to play the violin. but he never had the opportunity until he met mr. k. >> when i just came here the first time, i was like, i was dreaming i was always going to play the violin. >> so he asked me to play the violin. and i said do you really own a violin at school, i have one that i bought for 75 bucks, i thought i could bring that in. >> he has been the best teacher in the whole world. it's the first class i love. and then the music gets inside my heart. >> ha! >> he has helped to make your dreams coming true. >> reporter: teaching music isn't the only way mr. k. spends his time. he also runs a farm. >> i think it was a mid-life crisis a couple years ago, but i said, i think i got to have a
8:39 am
calf. >> reporter: but music plays a role outside the classroom as does his dedication to children. he and his wife nannette adopted eight of their nine children from brazil. >> we have three girls who are at home and they're very involved in music. >> reporter: the family is on their way to los angeles to proudly watch as mr. k. accepts his award. >> you are the first everner of the grammy music educator award. what does that mean to you? >> well, i cried. the people i teach and what i do is very important to me. and when i know there say country filled with very talented educators. and as much as i've learned about the finalists, i'm glad to be part of something that they do. >> you immediately fall in love with this guy. >> you do. >> just the idea that you can infuse with young people an enthusiasm and love of music, it
8:40 am
will be with them the rest of their lives. >> it blossoms into something. >> he's got that duck dynasty look going on. works in music, too. it looks good on him. it looks good on him. and the deadline to nominate next year's grammy music educator award is march 31st. and agreementgrammy awards catch it right here, this sunday night, 8:00, 7:00 central on cbs. terrell, brown, thank you. tomorrow on "cbs this morning," from england to compton, there's a world of talent among the best new artist grammy nominee, anthony mason sits down with this year's pick. that's form tomorrow. and ahead, they are a lifeline for kids and wounded and ahead, they are a lifeline for kids and wounded ,,,,iors.
8:41 am
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♪ some football teams have cheerleaders. others have sky divers. the view comes from the helmet of a member of team thunderstorm. they are the official parachute group for the denver broncos. they landed on the field of mile high stadium for suns's afc title game. >> what a ride. dogs are not only man's best friend, they can be lifesavers.
8:45 am
"cbs this morning" lee woodward learns how one can turn pets into protectors. good morning. >> good morning. service dogs are a lifeline to the blind, people with special needs and to wounded and traumatized vet vans. and the need keeps growing. i recently went to the small town of santovia, massachusetts to watch service dogs in the making. including one special pup. >> sit, sit. >> what do you think about a dog that can make somebody feel calm or safe or protected? >> well, they're nonjudgmental. they never have a bad day. they're always happy. they're always glad to see you. >> reporter: charles gwier is a war veteran. >> they were bred as helpers to help do chores. so it's just a natural fit that they can go to the next level
8:46 am
which is saving lives. good, good. >> reporter: lives like bobby to meer's. the former soldier has been living since hisle wound 20 years ago. >> on mother's day, i took a gun and tried to kill myself. of course, the gun didn't go off. at that point, it was time to start getting help. >> reporter: and he found that help in mack, a service dog trained in releave itting. >> i truly believe mack has saves my life. >> reporter: when finished, it will finish and master up to 85 different skills. >> push, push. >> reporter: from turning on a light switch. >> good girl. okay, drop. >> reporter: to retrieving the laundry. >> here. here. >> reporter: sometimes, though, they're just comforting. what do you look for when you're choosing to train a dog? >> we want good hips.
8:47 am
good elbows. we want clear eyes. but bhwhen we're looking for a puppy, we cover a young base of clients. we've got young guys and women coming back that are still active, they want a dog with my energy. there are in guys that just want a dog to hang out. >> reporter: one star is a 5-month-old black lab named macy. >> her maturity level at this age is incredible. her eye contact, her attention span for a young dog is just exactly what we want. we've got a long way to go. there's a lot more steps that we've got to do with this dog. but we think everything that we've seen so far, she is just outstanding. >> reporter: macy is one of a litter of ten puppies. her mom is a majestic lab named stella. her father, another lab with boundless energy named barkley. that makes macy pretty special at "cbs this morning" because barkley is owned by our own charlie rose.
8:48 am
if three tvs were placed in front of here with morning shows on it, they would naturally "cbs this morning"? >> there's no question, she knows where her dad is, right. >> exactly. that was my point. >> that's amazing. >> that was such a fun story. >> barkley would be proud. >> barkley should be crowd. >> that kind of gives you a grandchild of sorts. charlie said to me, you're such a good dad, he said, you know, barkley is a dog. but he loves barkley. >> and macy was adorable. she gave me a great lick. and i think people don't quite understand what goes into this, though. this takes $35,000 to train a service dog. so a lost it depends on donations. that's an incredible commitment for two years to be able do that. >> it's a great story. and to make a difference in the lives of people who would think about suicide. >> absolutely. >> one of the dogs gives a hug.
8:49 am
not up on your front. but literally wraps its paws around you. and it's meant to calm an autistic child. >> you said it right in your piece. dogs are nonjudgmental, they never have a bad day and they're always glad to see you. >> yes, way more than my kids, i can tell you that. >> and even if it's not my boyfriend, there's my dog. >> yeah. >> i love my dog. >> we want to come back. >> well done, barkley, well done. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ,,,,
8:50 am
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headlines... good morning everyone, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with your headlines, a suspect was shot by a chp officer. the chase started on hyde street near interstate 58 # around 3:00 this morning. chp says the suspect drove through local streets and ran several traffic signs. the suspect's car finally stopped at a dead end on east 15th and 57th street. the man was taken to a hospital and yo word on his condition. a man is in custody accused of trying to break into a medical marijuana dispensary in san jose. police got the call about a quarter after 2:00 this morning. officers found the suspect hiding in a small space in an elevator shaft. now here's lawrence with the forecast. here we go again. more sunshine on the way the temperatures running well above the average. we have seen a couple of
8:56 am
patches of thick fog out toward the immediate coastline. otherwise just some hazy conditions outside. looking back toward the city of san francisco, from oakland we've got some hazy sunshine now. that big dome of high pressure still in control. it is going to send the temperatures as much as nine to 15 degrees above the average for today. the cold front's continuing to bounce to the north and that means we're going to keep things dry. temperatures this afternoon as high as 69 in san jose and 72 in oakland. and about 65 degrees in san francisco. the next couple of days, we will see some similar weather then the winds going to kick up a little bit on thursday and friday with some elevated fire danger and some of the winds calm down when the temperatures cool off over the weekend. we're going to check out the kcbs traffic coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning everybody, liza batallones here with the kcbs traffic. long delays all morning long along 101 between san francisco and palo alto, a series of accidents and traffic is jam packed in both directions. take 280 as the alternate but a but you can tell southbound 280 a lot of people are using that as the alternative with delays now leaving the area bound for woodside. now the rest of the commute, the bay bridge toll plaza still delayed only from about the end of the east parking lot with the metering lights on. and over at the dublin interchange things loosened up. no longer backed up in the livermore valley and still back ups though for 880 through the east bay. northbound 880 slow at hegenberger.
8:59 am
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